Send a 180 Book to an Inmate 

Send hope into a dark place.  This 8 week self-guided study asks the deep questions of "How did I get here, and do I really want to change".  This 208 page perfect bound study meets requirements for inmates to keep with them and study from. 
This is what an inmate has to say about the program:
 Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
Start a new beginning with the 180 Program and equip yourself for reentry into your new life.
You will:
-Begin to build a firm foundation for your new life
-Discover who you are and what you can be
-Uncover hidden treasures inside of you
-Overcome obstacles and accomplish your dreams
-Understand past circumstances and results don‘t have to be an indicator of you can change your destiny
-Realize you do have a choice how you live the rest of your life
-Find out what God has given you
-Learn the importance and power of forgiveness
No more excuses! Don‘t settle for mediocrity, uncertainty, or fear. Discover your purpose in life. Get off the treadmill and blaze new trails in your can do it!
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