Breaking the Broken 


Our world is filled with hurting and broken people. God calls us to care for the “least of these”, but what does that mean? We spend billions fighting the effects of poverty, but are we winning? Are we really making a difference or does our service actually make things worse? God never called us to hurt the poor, but He had a Plan. There is a way to serve the poor that represents God. In Breaking the Broken, you will see God’s Plan to recover, rebuild and restore what is broken. 


Breaking the Broken is a remarkable book. It is very powerful and beautifully written. I love the personal narrative woven throughout.  The “Four Fundamental Elements” skeleton is brilliant. It is told in the sort of “aha” plainness that a “plan” like this requires. I highly commend this book!”

Dr. George Grant – Author
Bringing in the Sheaves: Replacing Government  Welfare with Biblical Charity and In the Shadow of Plenty: Biblical Principles for Welfare

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