Restoring dignity and purpose to struggling families

Have you ever known
someone who can’t seem
to make two smart
decisions in a row?


· Addictions

· Incarceration

· Chaos

It’s heartbreaking!

Their families
pray for change,
but the
cycle of insanity


There is hope

The cycle can end

The answer is found in The 180 Program


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Our Success Story

The 180 Program began on 
March 23, 2003 when founders,
Rob and Meredith Kendall, built a relationship with one single mother who wanted to break the generational cycles of poverty in her family. 

Since that time, the impact of The 180 Program has grown nationally and is used with men, women and young adults in churches, jails, prisons, youth facilities, transitional homes, homeless shelters, and recovery centers to heal the hurting and help them achieve their 
God-given potential.

The 180 Program
helps heal what is
broken in the
heart, family and community

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